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The College Funding Solution

The College Funding Solution is a comprehensive planning mechanism for all future college students. If your student is 3, 13, or 18 this is the only option to maximize the college experience and maximize your eligibility for scholarships and financial aid.  Here is what The College Fund Solution can do for you:

  • Analyze Financial Situation
  • Calculate EFC
  • Reccomendations to reduce EFC
  • Make Reccomendations & implement to pay for EFC
  • Personalized Student Interview
  • Complete Career Search
  • Complete College Search
  • Student Shadowing Program
  • Insider Report on Dorm Life Survival
  • Tips for College Admissions Interview
  • College Cost and Aid Information
  • Provide "College Planning Check-List"
  • Email confirming activity
  • Complete FAFSA Form
  • Private member FAFSA workshops
  • Register for CSS/profile form
  • Complete College Institutional Forms
  • Special Member SAR Tele-Conference
  • Confirm accuracy of SAR report
  • Appeal Financial Aid Award Letters
  • Complete subsidized stafford loan forms
  • Complete verification forms
  • Provide calendar of yearly SAT and ACT Tests
  • Register for SAT and ACT Tests
  • Provide study materials for SAT and ACT Tests
  • Special student SAT/ACT Tele-conference calls
  • Semi annual client financial updates
  • Monthly copy of college funding newsletter
  • Monthly copy of financial newsletter
  • Quarterly copy of student newsletter
  • Special student college interview
  • Provide complete customer service
  • Peace of mind
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