TRAK Helps Police With Kidnappings

 Most child abductions involve a family member -  often a non-custodial parent.  
 But the recent rash of stranger abductions is a challenge for law enforcement
A challenge, because abductors often move quickly into another police jurisdiction, and traditionally, police departments don't communicate this type of emergency very well with each other.

Danny Farrow's abduction of a litle girl in Scott City is just one of a string of recent abductions. Samantha Runion in California, and this week, the Philadelphia case where Erica Pratt escaped.  Not to mention the unsolved Elizabeth Smart case in Salt Lake City -- all stranger abductions -- and all a nightmare for police agencies.
In simple terms, an abductor can travel a mile a minute, and in 74% of missing child homicides, the child is murdered in the first three hours of the abduction.
That's why nationwide programs are underway to give police better tools to communicate.  The TRAK system we have here in our newsroom is one of those tools. 
TRAK helps police communicate a clear color image of the missing child with all the pertinent information in a matter of minutes.  when time is of the essence that can make all the difference.
besides KFVS, TRAK terminals are located at the police departments in Paducah Carbondale, Cape Girardeau, and with the Illinois State Police in Du quoin. They can all communicate with each other, and hundreds of other terminals across the nation.  You can find out more about TRAK, by clicking on
On top of that, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has launched it's own system, called LOCATOR that works similarly.  A LOCATOR system is now installed in Cape County, and you can find out more about NCMEC at