What Is No Shot, No Stitch, No Patch Surgery?

Along with these developments have come new surgical techniques.  Today's state-of-the-art procedure could be termed NO SHOT, NO STITCH, NO PATCH .  'No shot' refers to the anesthesia technique.  Previously, a long needle was used to inject anesthesia directly around the eye.  Now, new techniques and the speed in which the procedure can be done allow the vast majority of patients to have cataract surgery with the only anesthesia being drops applied to the surface of the eye.

'No Stitch' refers to the fact that such a tiny incision is utilized that no sutures are necessary.  Older techniques required several stitches.  The presence of these sutures often created high degrees of astigmatism in patients after surgery as well as many post-operative visits.  Patients often found their vision took months to stabilize.  Now, with 'No Stitch', astigmatism created by the surgery is rare, and most patients have stable vision and can get their new glasses in a few weeks.

'No Patch' refers to the immediate period after the surgery and the fact that the patient can go home without their eye being patched.  The reason for this is that since there is 'No Shot', the patient is able to control their eyelid and blink normally.