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Floaters and Flashes

Sometimes people see small spots or specks moving in their field of vision or experience flashes or light. These occurrences are called floaters and flashes. Although annoying, floaters and flashes are generally of little importance. However, in some cases, floaters and flashes may be the symptoms of a more serious eye problem, such as retinal detachment.

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  • What Is A Floater?

    A floater is a small clump of gel that forms in the vitreous, the clear jelly-like fluid which fills the cavity inside the eye. Floaters may be seen as dots, lines, cobwebs or spiders and are most often
  • What Causes Floaters?

    The appearance of floaters may cause much concern, especially if they develop suddenly. However, floaters are usually a result of the aging process. As we mature, the vitreous gel shrinks and pulls away
  • Are Floaters Ever Serious?

    Sometimes, the retina may be torn as the vitreous shrinks and pulls away from the retina. A tear through a small blocked vessel in the retina may cause bleeding. Clotted blood and vitreous material may
  • How Are Floaters Treated?

    Although annoying, floaters are usually not vision threatening and do not require treatment. Often floaters diminish and become less bothersome with time. IF a floater appears directly in the line of
  • What Are Flashes?

    Flashes appear as flashing lights or lightning streaks in the field of vision, although no light is actually flashing. Flashes are similar to the sensation of "seeing stars" when one is hit on the head.
  • What Causes Flashes?

    Flashes are caused by the vitreous gel tugging on the retina. If the gel actually separates from the retina (Posterior Vitreous Detachment), flashes of light may appear periodically for several weeks.
  • Flashes and Migraines

    Flashes can also occur in association with migraine headaches. A migraine is caused by a spasm of blood vessels in the visual information center of the brain. Migraine related flashes distort central
  • How Are Flashes Treated?

    Unless they represent the symptoms of a more serious condition, flashes do not require treatment. Flashes which are a result of the vitreous pulling away from the retina will eventually stop. However
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