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Faster Computer Inexpensively

People don't like waiting for their computer to catch up to their own impatience -- and who wants to buy a newer, faster computer every other month??!!  There must be a better solution.  Yes, and it's inexpensive in fact what follows are four tips that will noticeably increase the speed of your computer, and two of those tips will cost nothing at all.

#1:  And you've probably heard this one before, but nothing increases the speed of your computer like more RAM...that's random access memory.  These little guys handle much faster the tasks that otherwise would fall to your hard drive.  Prices are lower than ever before, and the more RAM the faster your computer will run.

#2: GET A BETTER VIDEO CARD.  They plug directly into your motherboard and control the way graphics appear on your monitor. Chances are if you've purchased a relatively inexpensive computer lately, they cut costs by cutting back on the quality of the video card.  You can buy a new video card for less than $100 these days, with 64 Megs of RAM on board.  It's faster, and you'll notice the difference.

#3:   Defragment your hard drive.  Over time, installing and uninstalling, creating and deleting things, the files on your hard drive get disconnected; your computer has to work harder, longer to keep it all together.  Defragmenting fixes a lot of that.  From your start key go to programs, then accessories, then system tools, and finally, disk defragmenter. Click on OK, and your computer does the rest.  Sometimes this takes hours if you haven't done it lately, and oh, turn off your screen saver before starting.

#4:  LIGHTEN THE LOAD....of programs running in the background.  You can see some of them, here in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen in the system tray.  Do you absolutely need these things taking up valuable computing power -- all the time?  You can shut them off temporarily by hitting Control-Alt-Delete, and calling up the Close Program dialog box.  Highlight what you want to shut down, and hit delete.  A more permanent solution is to delete them off your start-up list.

Or you can just wait till the end of the year when Intel plans to introduce it's newest 3-gigahertz chip....but then, of course, you'll have to buy a new computer.

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