Heartland E-News Help

Signing Up

  • Click on the Sign Up link. A new window will pop up.
  • Fill in the fields on the Registration page. (Note: Only those fields marked with an asterisk are required.) When done, click Next .
  • On the Choose E-Mail Lists page, check the newsletter(s) you would like to receive.
  • Check Text if you want to receive conventional plain text email; HTML for graphically rich email. Note: In order to view HTML email, you need an HTML compatible email program like MS Outlook, Netscape Communicator, Hotmail, and any other Internet mail account.
  • After reading the privacy statement, click Save.
  • You're done!
  • If you would like, fill out our optional survey. This will help us to better serve you in the future.
  • Complete the survey and click Save on the final page.
  • Modifying Your Account

    1. Click on the Modify Your Account link. A new window will pop up. (If you forgot your password, click Forgot Password )
    2. From this point on, you will see the same series of windows as you did when you created your account. However, this time, simply edit the information that you wish to update and don't forget to click Save .
    3. To Unsubscribe
      1. Click on the Modify Your Account link and advance to the Choose E-mail Lists page.
      2. Uncheck all boxes and click Save.
      3. You are now unsubscribed.