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7/15/02 - A Change In Helmet Trends

For years now, the big trend for kids was to wear safety helmets, but that's changing.  Now it seems they're not putting the helmets on because that's not what's in.

Every summer, there are children taken to Heartland emergency rooms after they have fallen off a four wheeler, scooter, or bike. Many of them escaped serious injuries because they were wearing a safety helmet.

Five year old Tyler Slinkard likes to ride his bike because he thinks it's cool, and he knows why he should always wear a helmet. "You might fall on your head and get hurt," Tyler says. Tyler has fallen down a few times, but has never been hurt. He only rides on the sidewalk, but other kids like David Keele and Ben Patrick use their bikes as a means of transportation. "We ride across the highway and down Broadway," Ben says. And neither one of them ever wear a helmet. "I probably should but I don't," David says. Ben says, "It makes your head hot and people might make fun of you."

Safety expert Heidi Crowden says the decision to not wear a helmet can mean the difference between life and death. "Wearing a helmet can reduce the number of head injuries by 88 percent." Statistics show more children are like David and Ben, ewer than one in six children wear safety helmets. When your children are young, like Tyler, it's easier to get them to wear a helmet. It's when their older, like David and Ben, that parents should remind their children what to do. Crowden says, "Children are going to be kids, they're going to have bumps and falls, but taking precautions is just what you need to do."

Safety helmets range in price from ten to fifty dollars, and come in a variety of different sizes.

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