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These dates are only estimates of the beginning of the harvest.
Weather conditions can cause the actual date to move in either
direction as much as 7 days for peaches and 10 days for apples.
The date listed is a good time to check back
and see if a variety
has begun. Best availability usually occurs 3-7 days after the

harvest has actually begun.


12-Jun                    CANDOR (Cling-stone)  
17-Jun                    EARLY RED HAVEN (Semi-cling) 
01-Jul                    WHITE LADY (Semi-cling) 
05-Jul                    RED HAVEN (Semi-freestone)
EARLY LORING (Semi-freestone)
09-Jul                    TOPAZ (Semi-freestone) 
10-Jul                    RARITAN ROSE (White freestone)
17-Jul                    ENVOY (Yellow freestone)  
HARMONY (Yellow freestone)
23-Jul                    LORING (Yellow freestone) 
02-Aug                    BISCO (Yellow freestone) 
CRESTHAVEN (Yellow freestone)
04-Aug                    ELBERTA (Yellow freestone)
07-Aug                    JERSEY GLO (Yellow freestone)
09-Aug                    REDSKIN (Yellow freestone)
13-Aug                    WHITE HALE (White freestone)
16-Aug                    RIO OSA GEM (Yellow freestone)
16-Aug                    SWEET SUE (Yellow freestone)
16-Aug                    ENCORE (Yellow freestone)


Peach information


Sometimes the peaches you buy are not as ripe as you want.  Peaches ripen best at 85 to 90% humidity.  These conditions are just not met in today's modern houses with central air conditioning. 

The best way to ripen peaches is to separate them and lay them out in a hot humid place such as your garage or under a shade tree where the sun will not reach them.  Under these conditions it will take from 12 to 36 hours to soften a firm peach.  Once soft the peaches should be used promptly or carefully placed in a sealed plastic bag in your refrigerator where they will keep for several more days.  Frost free refrigerators and air conditioned homes maintain too low humidity levels and peaches will tend to shrivel unless placed in a sealed container.



In our market we used the terms "Tree ripes" and "over ripes".  Tree ripes are first quality soft peaches.  Because of their nature soft "tree ripened" peaches will have some minor bruising and will need to be refrigerated or processed within 24 hours.  Tree ripes are usually at their peak of flavor and quality and if processed promptly, the moderate bruising should not cause serious problems.

Over ripes as the name implies are beyond the prime stage and there will be some loss even if processed immediately after purchased.  A container of over ripes will also have soft peaches that are too small for Tree ripes and soft culls.  For these reasons we sell our over ripes for about half the price of tree ripes to cover any losses that you might incur.  Our favorite use for over ripes is Peach preserves.  All you have to do is get the peeling off and seed out and start cooking.  In any event we recommend that you process over ripes immediately after purchasing them and do not advise you to haul them more than 50 or 60 miles because the road vibrations cause the bruising to become even worse.


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