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H20 Mop vs. Shark Steam Mop: Does it Work, Better?

H20 Mop vs. Shark Steam Mop: Does it Work, Better?
By: Lauren Keith

This past winter, I featured the Shark Steam Mop on Does it Work Wednesday. It received a great grade B+, mainly because our testers wish it worked on carpet, too.  That could be why so many Heartland News viewers requested I try the similar H20 Mop, which DOES work on carpet.  So, here's a comparison test.  Which works better?  Ashley McCann of Oran let me use her H20 Steam Mop for this test.

"Click it back on and as long as I go back over it, then it picks up great," says Ashley.

Ashley shows us how her H2O mop works. You fill it up with tap water, attach the pad, wait 15 seconds for the green light, and steam-clean away. Ashley has two busy little boys. She says she's constantly mopping up their messes, and she likes the idea of using less chemicals with this $100 dollar mop. She even says she's saving money in the long run.

"I save over $30 a month in cleaning supplies because I'm only using water with the H20," she says.

While Ashley loves the H20 mop, she points out the manual says if you have concrete flooring underneath...like she does...it can take a bit for the dampness to dry.

"It gets really good in the cracks," she says as she swirls the H20 on the tile around her bathroom toilet.

Meantime, Ashley wanted to buy the Shark Steam Mop I recently featured on Does it Work, but she held out for the H20, mainly because this mop works on carpet. The Shark does not.

"Just set this on the glider it comes with and start steam-cleaning your carpet," she says.

However, don't expect the H20 Steam Mop to pick up a mess on the carpet. Instead, it can help revive it.

"More just to bring it to life," says Ashley.

You can see the tracks left behind and a difference in the color even after Ashley sweeps the H20 over her carpet.

Now for the big test...Ashley's so confident in this mop's power, she pours hot candle wax onto the carpet.  She holds the steam on it for a bit, and takes it off the patch of hot wax.

"There you see it.  The mop brought up the wax--no mess!" says Ashley.

Pretty impressive...so, what's it boil down to? Which is better---the H20 or the Shark?

"The better buy is the H20--you can do carpets," says Ashley.

But let's break it down. If you only need a steam cleaner for tile and wood floors, go with the $80 dollar Shark.  Ashley used it and agrees it works great. Plus, you can buy this in local stores.  I've found it at Sears, Target, Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

However, if you'd like to use a steamer on your carpets, then it might be worth it to spend the extra twenty bucks and buy the $100 H20 mop.

Right now, Ashley and I can only find this online, so keep that in mind, too.  She bought hers at bedbathandbeyond.com.  We've also seen it at target.com.  Ashley also says the bigger companies often offer free shipping and the product's maker, Thane, does not, so shop around online if you're interested in the H20.

"I give it an A plus," says Ashley.

So, the Shark keeps it's good grade, and the H20 Mop leaves an "A+" in its steam-cleaning path.

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