6/27/02 - Million Pound Challenge

A national men's health magazine is calling for Americans to lose one million pounds, and it's focusing on beer-bellies. Overweight men are 250 % more likely to develop diabetes, 16 % more likely to die of a heart attack, and 9 % more likely to have a stroke.

Those are just a few of the reasons to get rid of the gut. A common mistake men make is only focusing on certain areas of their body. Adding a few things to your work-out could make a big difference.

Trainer Rita Berry says, "When you have a problem area in the abdominal area, men and women alike, it tends to lead to diabetes, heart attack, stroke"

Running on the treadmill is just part of Larry Creech's work-out to stay trim, and keep his stomach as flat as possible. Creech says, "I try to work at least 30 to 45 minutes on the treadmill, do sit ups and at least three different machines. I also try to work out at least an hour and 15 minutes." But most men don't focus on a balanced workout, like Creech does. "A typical male wants to work on the upper body," Berry says. "They want to hit the shoulders, biceps, triceps, some will throw some ab work in."

But working to get a washboard stomach shouldn't be your only concern. A combined workout of weight training and cardiovascular four days a week is ideal for most men. "When we do cardio work and weight training the weight is going to come off all our body," Berry says. "We can't just focus on our thighs or our mid-section." Focusing on all parts of your body is the best way to control the size of your stomach, something Creech tries to do regularly. "I try to stay healthy, it's just one of those things. Sometimes you goof off and sometimes you work at it," Creech says.

For more information on the million pound challenge click on here.