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These dates are only estimates of the beginning of the harvest.
Weather conditions can cause the actual date to move in either
direction as much as 7 days for peaches and 10 days for apples.
The date listed is a good time to check back
and see if a variety
has begun. Best availability usually occurs 3-7 days after the

harvest has actually begun.

17-Jun                    LODI                
10-Jul                    EARY GOLD                   
25-Jul                    RED FREE    
08-Aug                    AKANE        
08-Aug                    GALA  
12-Aug                    MOLLIES DELICIOUS  
14-Aug                    OZARK GOLD 
30-Aug                    JONATHAN  
04-Sep                    JONALICIOUS  
04-Sep                    GOLDEN DELICIOUS       
08-Sep                    RED DELICIOUS 
10-Sep                    JONAGOLD

10-Sep                    MUTSU  
25-Sep                    BRAEBURN  
01-Oct                    YORK IMPERIAL  
02-Oct                    SUNCRISP 
02-Oct                    ENTERPRISE
07-Oct                    WINESAP  
10-Oct                    BLUSHING GOLDEN
10-Oct                    GRANNY SMITH   
10-Oct                    FUJI 
15-Oct                    ARKANSAS BLACK 
25-Oct                    GOLD RUSH 



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