Earthquakes Info On the Web

When you need information now, nothing quite feeds your need like the internet, like, say, earthquake information.Seismology's come a long way since the New Madrid 'quake of 1811.  Now, almost anything you need to know about earthquakes is available on the web.

First of all, there's a laundry list of seismology sites.  Let me make it easy for you; most all earthquake web sites end up pointing back to the grand-daddy of all earthquake sites:  the U-S Geological Survey home page.  You can get there by going to or to the National Earthquake Information Center at the USGS,   Click here for the link.

The University of Washington has an Earth Sciences site tailor-made for people surfing the net looking for Earthquake data.  The site includes an authoritative list of world-wide earthquake resources.

For information about Seismic activity in the Midwest,  a good place to visit on the internet is the Central United States Earthquake Consortium.  Lots of stuff here dedicated to the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

And finally, the Advanced National Seismic System has a website under the umbrella of the USGS that shows yet another representation of the current US "hot zones", and more about research with special areas for kids to get the answers they need.

Also, check out these additional earthquake sites of interest.  I've checked them all out, and they are the cream of the temblor sites.