DeWitt Tree Ring: Does it Work?

DeWitt Tree Ring: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith
Brett Robinson of Fairdealing, MO designed this weeks' Does it Work product.  He's so confident it works, he contacted me to try it on Does it Work Wednesday, knowing full-well, I'm not afraid to speak my mind!
"They always say the simplest things in life are often the best!" says Brett.
And when you look at the simplicity of the DeWitt Tree Ring kit, you gotta wonder why no one has thought of this before.  Brett had the mindset to design it, and sell it at the right price--$10 for a two-foot ring, $19 dollars for a four-foot ring, and so on.
"No lay out, perfect circle every time, centered every time, and you can put your favorite rock or mulch in it," says Brett.
If you've ever tried to do this landscaping yourself, usually, you have to buy a big roll of landscaping cloth, measure everything just right, and then lay it down.  So, let's see if this kit really "installs in seconds" just as it says on the box. 
"I've never put one down!" says Larry DeWitt.
Larry DeWitt manufactures the Tree Ring kit at his Sikeston plant.  Three years ago, Brett, who's a construction worker by day, took his plan to Larry.  He liked the idea so much, he got the kits rolling off his assemby line, but again, Larry's never actually used the kit.
So, here we go.  We install two rings.  Brett cuts the strip, lays it out almost like a Christmas tree skirt, and Larry installs the tubing and the provided stakes into the holes. He folds 'em under the lip....and there you have it!
"I didn't even read the instructions, so guys can do this!" laughs Larry.
Both men stand by the claim this fabric will not let weeds through.  Brett says one of his test models still doesn't have any weeds growing through, three years later.  He also added landscaping lights, rocks and plants over the years, with no problems.
"Real easy to maintain," says Brett.
Still, let's face it---these guys are biased.  Before I sign off on this locally-made product, let's see what someone else says.
Brock Davis is in charge of the city of Cape Girardeau's trees and landscaping.  He says this would not be cost-efficient for the city as there are way too many trees to landscape in the city program, but he'd really like to use it at home. 
"By the time the homeowner bought all of the items themselves, it would be the same price as the kit, but with the kit, you dont' have excess left over, which is nice!  Less stuff to junk up your garage!  I really like it and I think it deserves an A-plus," says Brock. 
And....I agree!  The simple design and good price is enough to ace the Does it Work test!

The DeWitt Tree Ring is available through Brett on his website at and also at these local stores:

DeWitt Company in Sikeston, MO
Lotus Naturescapes in Ware, IL
Wallace and Owens Country Mart in Doniphan, MO
Maverick Glass in Poplar Bluff, MO