Web Overflows With Dad's Day Opportunities

You may not realize it, but dad is pinning high hopes you'll get him what he really wants this Sunday for Father's Day

Web sites right now are full of ideas for Farther's Day.  Red Envelope.com puts gadgets & tools right at the top of their suggestions, and among the things they list, I like the digital measuring tape by Stanley.  $48 dollars buys you a 25-foot LCD display tape measure that remembers fractions, figures midpoints, and adds and subtracts.  Another gift they list as the digital spy camera costs $90, but it goes for nearly half that at Wal-Mart.

In the world of computers, Outpost.com and others will remind you that RAM chips are cheaper than they've ever been, and nothing speeds up your computer like more RAM...an extra 128 Megs for $23 -- not bad!  He might also appreciate any of a number of inexpensive and tiny-but-powerful MP3 players.  The one on outpost.com is smaller than a pager, but has 64 Megs of storage, and costs just 40-bucks.

There's even a web site called dadsday.com that has massive lists of ideas.  For a little over $11, you can buy him a snappy redesign of a child-hood favorite, now marketed as a stress-reliever.  Here's another gimmick: $15 buys you computer chip cufflinks, and about $11 buys you a translucent plastic CD holder.

4fathersday.com has lots more good ideas, and links to more gift sites.  Also don't forget places like Hallmark.com and Blue Mountain Arts for sending distance-dads an e-card for Dad's Day.

And finally, consider a subscription to a good computer magazine, or even better  - buy him another phone line, or a hi-speed DSL or Cable connection, I guarantee that'll make him smile.  'Course, that's a little more expensive. and, remember to order that online gift ASAP for shipping by Sunday.