Bug Guard Plus

Tired of swatting at those mosquitos every time you step outside? Be on guard, with Avon's Bug Guard Plus. It's a spin-off from their Skin-So-Soft line. We take the test for you!

"They are definitely outdoor kids," says Kelly Ullman. She and her family spend lots of time outdoors. The only problem is, she's mosquito bait! "If they're out there, they come to me! I take baking soda baths all summer long. And nothing helps, either, not cortisone...."

Kelly and her two kids brave the Cape County Park North nature trail. But on one hot, sunny day... they're HOPING to attract mosquitos! Kelly agreed to test Avon's Bug Guard Plus. It's an actual repellent in the Skin-So-Soft line. It doesn't have any dangerous ingredients, but it does have moisturizers. And you can get it with sun screen or without.

"I would go outside with the kids, and chase them for 20 minutes," she described. "When I'd go in, I'd look like I have a rash on my legs from stirring them up."

It doesn't take long for us to see mosquitos buzzing around. They clung to her hair... landed on her thumb... and feasted on her forehead. We even attracted a tick, which Bug Guard claims to chase away.

"Nothing works for me, except staying inside!" Kelly exclaimed. But this time, Kelly anxiously reaches for the Bug Guard, ready to rid herself of bugs. It feels slightly greasier than normal moisturizers, but it smells okay. "Like fabric softener."

Mosquitos then buzz Amy Jacquin, her photographer, even their camera... but they never landed on Kelly again. We should say this isn't the first time Kelly has used Bug Guard. She first tried it last year, at home, and was sold on the product then.

"I don't get any bites," she says about using Bug Guard Plus. "I can walk around my back yard. I can stay outside in the evenings. I think it works very well. I'm very happy with it."

Kelly is not selling Avon, and is not making any money from this story. Speaking of money, Bug Guard normally sells for about $12 a tube, but is now on sale for around $5. Amy tried Bug Guard, and says it worked... not perfectly, but it helped. She says it's certainly less messy than some of those aerosol sprays. But a lot of any bug repellent's success depends on your body chemistry.

With all that in mind, we give Bug Guard Plus a 'B.'

One interesting side note... here's a home remedy one of our viewers is very adamanta about. Mix garlic with warm water, and rinse ;your skin with it. He says it dries quickly, and you don't smell the garlic after a few minutes. But the mosquitos supposedly do! Amy has NOT tried this, but thought it interesting enough to pass along. Good luck!