Decades of Dedication

One Heartland school nurse will soon be getting some national attention.  American Profile magazine plans on featuring Cape Central nurse Jeanne Heise for giving over 20 years of care to students.  A lot has changed since jeanne started her job.  Heise sees an average of 90 students a day, needless to say, everyday is interesting.

"You never know from day to day what's going to come through the door," Heise says.  Heise is the first source of medical care for Cape Central students.  Today, it's taking care of a nose bleed from gym class.  "One of the things I learned over the years is I have to be a good detective," Heise says.  "Headaches, nausea, all of those things can be a warning signal of something serious going on."

Being a good detective is just part of the job and over the years her cases have changed.  "The AIDS policy, that was one thing in the early 80s, and that affected everybody," Heise says.  The AIDS policy isn't the only thing that came along.  Heise can't give any medications to her students, including aspirin, without a parent's permission.  But one thing hasn't changed, she can give the students plenty of attention, something they all appreciate.  Junior Charlsie Hethershaw, "Nurse Heise's been really helpful, she's kind."  "Nurse Heise's about the coolest person in this school," junior Ryan Sterling says.  "I can honestly say that."

After working 22 years in the same building, Nurse Heise faces the next challenge of her career, moving into the new high school.  "I'm really excited.  The office is going to be a lot bigger and it's going to be kind of like a doctors office," Heise says. Heise's more than than happy to pack up her things to move to her new office, but it's something she says isn't necessary.  She's just happy to be doing what she loves to do.  "I love being a school nurse, I love it."

The issue of American Profile featuring Heise should be out sometime this summer.