JDBGMGR.EXE Hoax and Virus: How to Tell the Difference

Most of us just want our computer to work right *when* we want it to work right.  But just like a healthy human body that's "working right" --  once in a while, you get a bug...and get sick.  So maintaining a healthy computer -- like a healthy body - means being defensive, and preventing viruses.

 To prevent viruses these days, you have to be ever more vigilant, especially 'cause they're tougher to recognize.  Let's take the latest one going around.  First of all, it goes by a name you can't really pronounce JDBGMGR.EXE.  And beyond that, jdbgmgr.exe is not really a virus, it's a Windows file that's supposed to be there.

The hoax that's going around is an e-mail that has detailed instructions for how to delete the file.  JDBGMGR.EXE is a Java debugging file, which is to say, if you delete it, some things won't run right on your computer.

Confounding the whole problem is a true virus going around as an e-mail attachment that infects the real jdbgmgr.exe file if you open the e-mail.

This is kinda confusing...so here it is again.

The jdbgmgr.exe hoax is an e-mail that gives you instructions on how to delete the jdbgmgr.exe file.  Don't do it.  But if you do...it's relatively easy to fix.

On the other hand, the jdbgmgr.exe virus comes as an e-mail attachment, and merely opening the attachment infects your computer with a virus that does loads of damage -- a problem that's much harder to fix.

What this is all leading to, is that you should be reeally cautious of any e-mail attachments you get which is a shame, so some people are resorting to calling -- on the phone -- the person who sent them e-mail, to see if the attachment is legitimate or not.

Re-installing jdbgmgr.exe if you're already deleted: