Parent and Baby Exercise Classes

Women always want to drop those extra pounds they gain during pregnancy. There's a good way to do it, and get your little one involved too at parent and baby exercise classes, like Mom and Me Yoga at Saint Francis Medical Center. Just a hour a week will get you back on an exercise routine, and give you a special bonding time with your baby.

14-month-old Ali Evans is enjoying her yoga workout, and she's not alone. All the babies at Mom and Me Yoga are having fun, while their moms get in a little exercise. Yoga instructor Carlea Lastrapes says, "Babies a lot of times won't let their moms get out and exercise and moms feel like they have to be with their baby. This is an opportunity to exercise and bring babies along. "

That's why Christine Smith's there with her 10-month-old son Tanner. "I really haven't done that much exercise since I had Tanner." Smith says. "It's hard for me to get anything done where as a class like this I can bring him along. Whether he's running around or with me, I'm getting exercise." Lastrapes says, "Basically we take yoga exercises that are geared toward strengthening the core, finding those muscles that were all stretched out during pregnancy, and we integrate the babies into that exercise."

But the class isn't just bringing in new moms, it's also attracting new grandmas. Eight and a half month old Eric is Rita Berry's second grandchild. She's there for the bonding time. "It's good exercise for me, it's good exercise for him, and the interaction and touch between us is good." It's also gives moms the opportunity to meet other new moms. A workout routine that's just the right fit for Christine and her son. "It's relaxing for me, it's not strenuous like running, but it's still working out," Smith says.

Other Heartland hospitals also have parent and baby exercise classes.