Smart Babies

There are a lot of do's and dont's parents have to remember when it comes to babying your baby! But one thing's for sure, interaction and plenty of love will help make sure your baby grows up smart! Helping your child learn is fun, easy, and will help you form a special bond between you and your baby.

Six month old Olivia Currington loves to play right by her mom's side. Her mom, Tiffany, says, "I try to let her feel new things, new textures, new smells, just interacting with her mostly." Parents As Teachers educator Rhonda McClintock says, "We know that children learn from their senses as soon as they come into the world. Children learn from their sense of touch, sense of taste, hearing, seeing." McClintock ays it's never too early to pick up a book and start reading to your child. When you're finished, you may want to start singing. "Reading is something we really stress." McClintock says. "Singing is also good even if you can't sing well, and not just classical music, any kind of music helps."

Research shows reading to babies when they're young, like Olivia, will help them become early readers, and singing to children will help them develop good math skills. But you don't need a book to help your child learn. Toys with bright colors and textures will help them with everything from their motor skills to sounds. You also don't have to spend a lot of money to help your child develop, it can be something like a bowl in your kitchen, fill it up with something, then watch your child play with it and explore.

It's not just what your child plays, it's also how you talk to them. Speak clearly and talk to them while you do things. Talking in a sing songy voice also helps. Even though she's just six months old, Tiffany Currington already sees a big difference with Olivia. "I think she's more calm. I think we're more in tune with each other and I think she's happier."

Friday, we wrap up "Baby Your Baby" week with how to keep you and your baby healthy, as we take a look at parent and baby exercise classes.