Tired of those stains around your faucets and drains? CLR stands for calcium, lime, and rust.  It claims to be the easiest stain remover you've ever used, or your money back.

DJ Charles owns DJ's Cleaning Service, and volunteers to help us test those claims.  He inspects our first test area... a shower head clogged by calcium deposits, and a yellowish hard-water stain running down a straight line from the tub faucet to the drain.   First he mixes CLR with water -- a 50/50 mix. It says to try this dilution first... just spray it on and scrub it off, no soaking required.

"Well, that's not working," says DJ after about one minute.  "So we might need to use it full strength."  Directions say if the 50/50 mix doesn't work, use CLR straight out of the bottle.

"Yea, it's better than it was," he says after he tries again.  "It took it off a little bit right here at the top, but it still needs some more scrubbing."

Next DJ removes the clogged shower head.... and soaks it in a tub of full-strength CLR for two minutes, as per directions. The TV commercial shows a quick dip, and it's pulled out looking like new. Our test didn't go nearly that well!

"It should have dissolved immediately," adds DJ. "But it didn't."  So DJ takes a brush to the shower head, and much of the stain does scrub off.  "But the holes on the shower head where the water comes out still need work, like with a toothpick or something. You shouldn't have to do that," he says.

We give CLR one more test, on a sink in a Cape Girardeau doctor's office.

"That was probably a calcium deposit on back, where it was a little discolored," describes DJ.  "It looks like it brought that up a bit. But right here, where it's lime, where the green is, it didn't bring that up."

The faucet head has pretty heavy lime and calcium build-up. We try soaking that in full-strength CLR. And this time, you can see the deposits lifting... kind of like alka-seltzer in water. However, it didn't dissolve everything.

"That was a pretty heavy build-up," he explains. "So it's working, but probably is going to take some more scrubbing."

So once again CLR works, but it certainly doesn't dissolve stains instantly. However, it is adequate when you add some scrubbing to it.  So CLR earns an average C+.