7 Questions Expectant Moms Should Ask Their Doctor

When moms and dads have a baby, there are literally hundreds of questions about the pregnancy that come up. For the moms-to-be, remembering what to ask and when to ask it, is important. We kick off our Baby Your Baby week with seven simple questions which can help moms keep themselves, and their baby healthy.

This is the third time around for Marta Brown-Hampton. She knows what it's like to be pregnant, but she still has plenty of questions. "I have questions about if I'm too big for this stage of the game, if the heart beat's okay, if I'm taking too many vitamins," Marta says. Obstetrician, Dr. Ann Behrend-Uhls says, "Usually they want to know if everything's okay with their pregnancy, they want to know about exercise and pregnancy."

There are a lot of questions, but the best one to start out with is the easiest. Find out your due date. Once you know when your new bundle of joy is expected to get here, ask about what vitamins you should take. You should also ask how active you can be, and how much you should exercise. Ask when it's necessary to call the doctor. Ask what medications you can take. Dr. Uhls says your doctor's answer may surprise you. "Women are afraid to take anything during their pregnancy, and we encourage them to take some things to make them feel more comfortable." You also need to take a look at your family history and then ask your doctor what concerns you should have, and if there are any special tests you should take. Finally, ask your doctor if he or she thinks you'll have any problems with your pregnancy.

Valuable questions that doctors are more than happy to answer. "Usually I ask my patients if they have questions to write them down in between visits. That way they won't forget them when they come in," Dr. Uhls says. Of course, every woman's pregnancy is different, so the answers to those questions will vary, depending on your situation.

As part of our Baby Your Baby campaign, we're working with health departments in Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Northwest Tennessee.

Almost all women experience some sort of morning sickness or have weird cravings throughout their pregnancy. We'll have some tips on how to get through those times, Tuesday, as Baby Your Baby week continues every night this week on Heartland News at Five.