Do you find it hard to fix your daughter's hair? Twist-A-Braid is a hair-styling tool that's supposed to help giver her a head full of braids. Will it create a beautiful twist, or just a tangled mess?

Amy Bickings is sitting in her Mom's chair at Special Effects salon in Cape Girardeau. Her Mom may be a professional stylist, but the 14-year-old isn't! She does, however, mess with her hair quite a bit… putting it up and braiding it. So we thought she'd be perfect to try Twist-A-Braid.

After reading directions and playing with the tool, Amy chooses several small strands on one side of her part. They have to be small enough to fit in the loop, yet big enough that the loop will hold them.

"There's one strand!"Amy mutters after working a couple of minutes. "You're supposed to leave a half-inch hanging out the end."

It doesn't take long to see one problem with trying the Twist -A- Braid on yourself… it's hard to keep the first strands of hair from getting snagged on the empty hook.

Amy gets all three strands hooked in the tool, then presses the button. Her hair twists and flips and gets all tangled up! But Amy admits she probably didn't do it right, and thankfully her tangled mess straightens itself out pretty easily. She tries again. "I need to pull it tighter... oh! And it falls out."

Okay, time to call in Amy's Mom, Debbie, the professional stylist. "I think it would be easier to somebody else to do it on you," says Debbie. But even Debbie has a little trouble getting hair to lock in place.

Amy helps her with directions and shows her how to work the tool. Debbie gives it a first try, and gets the Twist-A-Braid to work. A rubber band holds it in place, and the twisted braid dangles down Amy's head. Debbie works on a second twist, but keeps losing the strands.

"I could probably do braids quicker, because I just pick up three strands and braid them," says Debbie as she looks at the one twisted braid. "But this is more like a twist, and I don't think I could twist it that tight."

Amy's had a couple of minutes to get used to it, and decides it's probably something for younger girls. "I would never wear it!" But she's a good sport, and decides to try it one more time herself.

She's got the hang of it now! Unfortunately she pulled forward while twisting, and the braids bang the front of her face. "I guess you have to practice for a while, too!" she shrugs her shoulders.

That's for sure! But Twist-A-Braid will work… just not as easily as promised. We give the $20 hair tool a C.