Heartland Fast Forward - KLEZ Virus

You've seen the ads for computer deals that seem too good to be true. Maybe they are. 
First, though, a word about the latest virus going around.  It's been hassling computer users for several weeks, but lately it seems to be hitting it's stride.

'Several variations of this virus out there, but almost all of them have letters that spell KLEZ.
Like other viruses lately, KLEZ takes advantage of security holes in Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express programs.  If you're not up-to-date, it will disable common anti-virus software, and then it replicates to other names in your address book, sending out scads of infected e-mail as an attachment.  And in KLEZ, there's something else -- a hidden payload.

Payload in this sense is really a time bomb.  On the 6th day of each odd-numbered month -- excluding January and July -- this virus will write over many of your more important files with a lot of zeroes.  'Just another reason why you'll want to watch for the KLEZ virus.

To prevent an attack, upgrade your anti-virus software once a week, or even daily.  Don't read your e-mail in Outlook with preview pane.  Be wary of any attachments to e-mails you get, and fix the vulnerability in Outlook with a Microsoft Patch available on their website.

(Click here for Norton's Antivirus Website, and here for McAffee's Antivirus site)

Now, on to the great deals you may have seen on TV advertising cutting-edge computer systems at hard-to-believe prices.  Let's look at the deal being offered on the web-site AsSeenOnTV.com.

After rebate, you pay about $1200 for a 2Gigahertz system, printer/scanner/speakears, DVD player, CD burner, 60-gig hard drive, Windows XP installed, 85 software titles, a 17" monitor and much more.  Not bad, but here's some suggestions:

Comparison shop, especially on the internet; you'll likely find something equal or better for less.  Be sure and inquire about the warranty. Anything less than a year is unacceptable.  Also, ask about service, and what's involved to get it.  Finally, check their shipping prices, and what it takes to return the system if it's a lemon.

Finally, you really ought to give the local shop in your town a chance to match the deal.  Then if something goes wrong, you've got a human to talk to.