Delta Pre-Paid Telephones

Looking for a pre-paid phone?  Delta Phones is the solution for you.   MOPAY offers a pre-paid telephone service through Delta Phones. You can receive all the services offered by other phone carriers when you use Delta Phones. Approximately 14% of households are without home phone service due to bad credit or unpaid phone bills. Delta Phones is currently operating in the Southwestern Bell and Bellsouth territories of AR, KS, AL, MO, KY, OK, TX and FL. All of the Bellsouth market will be completed by the end of 2001.

Basic phone service is $39.95 plus tax.

For an additional cost these services are available:
-Call Waiting
-Caller ID
-Call Forwarding
-3 Way Calling
-Call Return
-Speed Dialing
-Area Calling
-Long Distance
-Non Published Phone Number