Wrap Snap and Go

Wrap Snap and Go promises salon-style curls overnight.

"I'd like to see what it looks like in curls," says 10-year-old Kristiana Lasarova.

Kristi is about to find out... IF Wrap Snap and Go curlers live up to their name. They're cloth tubes that come in different lengths. And, according to directions, they're supposed to turn straight hair into cascades of spirals. We start on the top of Kristi's head... spray the ends to help me wrap the different lengths around the curler... then wind her hair down the entire length of the curler. We finish by snapping the ends together to form a loop.

"The front one may fall forward until I get the 2nd one in place," says Amy Jacquin as she rolls Krisit's hair. We continue working down the center of Kristi's head, like a mo-hawk. And the second one goes as smoothly. "Okay. This is where I need to flop the first one back, and interlock these two."

Each Wrap Snap and Go curler attaches to another. This keeps the curlers tight. But "tight" also makes Amy nervous, when she's working with someone else's hair! She repeatedly asks Krisit for reassurance that the curlers aren't painful.

Amy found the most difficult part to be tucking all the ends evenly into the curler. She gets the Cape Girardeau fifth grader's hair all wrapped up in about 15 minutes. And now Kristi has to sleep in these things. The next morning, she says she had no trouble sleeping... the curlers were relatively comfortable.

Amy unfastens the curlers, and smiles. "You're going to have curlier hair than you've ever had before!" Amy laughs along with Krisit. "It's not exactly spiral curls... well, maybe it is," she says as she combs her fingers through Kristi's curls.

The picture on the product shows curls all the way up on the crown. Kristi didn't get that. But she didn't use any styling products, other than the tips to help her wind the hair onto the curler. And Amy rolled pretty big sections, because we didn't have enough curlers. If you try Wrap Snap and Go, we recommend buying TWO packs, so you can roll smaller sections and get more lift.  Kristi puts the final touch to her hair before school -- a pretty headband.

"That'll be cute!" Krisit laughs.

We think so, too. Wrap Snap and Go is a legitimate way to get some curls, without perming. We give it an A-minus.