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Does it Work?: Health and Beauty Week

This week, every night is "Does it Work Wednesday. It's our "Does it Work?: Health and Beauty Week" marathon. From products that promise awesome abs to others that garauntee to put the spring back in your curls. Amy Jacquin tries them before you buy them.

Here's the rundown:

  • Wrap Snap and Go

    Wrap Snap and Go promises salon-style curls overnight. "I'd like to see what it looks like in curls," says 10-year-old Kristiana Lasarova
  • Salon Shaper

    Manicures take time. And doing your own nails usually doesn't look as good as paying to get them done. But who wants to do that all the time?
  • Ab Force Belt

    How'd you like to get firm stomach muscles, without working out? The Ab Force is one of many devices that claims to help you
  • Twist-A-Braid

    Do you find it hard to fix your daughter's hair? Twist-A-Braid is a hair-styling tool that's supposed to help giver her a head full of braids. Will it create a beautiful twist, or just a tangled mess?
  • Friday: Canine Colognes

    Friday: Do you have a fit Fido? From "Tommy Holedigger" to "Calvin Canine", canine colognes and other doggy beauty products.
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