The Heartland DOES Care

There was a tremendous response to the Heartland Cares Drive as soon as it kicked off Friday morning. The donors who went to Westfield Shoppingtown bright and early got everything off to a great start.

Donor Bill Miller says, "They need a lot of help, and we're the people to give it to them." Whether they pulled up in their car, or walked up to drop off the money, everyone had a smile on their face, knowing they're helping a neighbor.

Charles Campbell is just one those people. He knows all too well what it's like. "I went through the tornado in Sikeston in 1986, and I kind of know what these people are going through," Charles says. "I was fortunate enough to have insurance, but some of these people don't."

People stopped by all day long to donate whatever they can. Donor Lee Johannes says, "These people need it, who knows, I may need it someday. Whether we can afford it or not, I just wanted to do it." Donor Ian Davis says, "We're a business that thrives on people from the area, so if they're in trouble we would like to help them out."

Dollar by dollar, they're helping people, many they don't even know, get their lives back on track. Donor Carrie Warfield says, "I'm sure they'll overcome, they'll overcome." They'll overcome because the Heartland cares. It only took a few hours to collect several hundred dollars at the Cape Giradeau mall Friday morning.

As of late Friday night, the unofficial tally of donations was more than $40,000 and counting, with more donations pledged, and lots of coins and loose bills unaccounted for.