Our Mission

Christ Church of the Heartland is:

Touching People
Building Believers
Changing Lives

Christ Church of the Heartland has the programs and ministries for people of all ages.  We have contemporary music and anointed worship services.  The Gospel is presented by using skits, plays, choreographed dance, illustrated sermons, special music, choir, and through various other ministries in the church.  At Christ Church of the Heartland, there is a place for you!  We have warm friendly people from different walks of life who are waiting to welcome you!

It is our mission to: 
· Exalt Jesus as King and Lord
· Evangelize and  make disciples for Christ 
· Provide a place for all people to worship
· Teach people how to experience the abundant life in Jesus Christ
· Train and equip the church to love and serve the community

· Praise and Worship
· Leadership and Teaching
· Fellowship and Relationships
· Equipping and Releasing

720 Bertling Street                                                                                               
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701