Finding/Giving Help Online - Fast Forward

We'll make it easy for you.

There are many ways to get and give help in the wake of Heartland Storms, but rather than running you all over the web, start with one of two links below.

  1. Most of the information you'll need about impending weather and how to deal with it is found on our own Weather page. Click here.  We also list a number of links to information about local damage, pictures of the damage, and how to get and give feedback to victims, and other resources.
  2. Most of the information you'll need about getting or giving help online is coordinated through the American Red Cross.  Click here for a link to the American Red Cross' National Office Website.  From there, you can click on any of a number of links on the left side of the page, such as "Disaster Services" under the heading "Our Services".  To donate, click on "Donate Now" under the heading "Help Now".  Southeast Missouri also has it's own local website that is full of helpful information and links to local services.  Click here to visit the SEMO American Red Cross office. For storm damage help in the Western Kentucky area, click here to get to the Calloway County Red Cross office.

To participate in our "Heartland Cares" giving program this week, click here to get the address where you can send donations.  We are coordinating with area Red Cross offices to see that much-needed CASH donations get to the exact spot where they're intended.

To get help, you are better off making a direct visit or call to the local American Red Cross office.  In Southeast Missouri, the number is:  573-335-9471.  In Southern Illinois, the office is in the process of moving, but is coordinating support for Dongola, Galatia, and Fairfield to name the more prominent damaged areas.  Call:  1-800-272-2984, or 618-988-1147 for information.  All Red Cross phone lines are manned 24 hours-a-day right now, but the lines are busy, and you will have to be persistent in continuing to attempt calls.

Donating online is easy using the National Red Cross Website online form.  You can even specify that your donation go directly to your local office.  They will know where that is by the Zip Code you include in filling out the form.

Take advantage of the many resources listed on these web pages.  If you browse around a little, and follow your curiosity with links, you will find information to answer most questions.