YourTurn - 1/14/08

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Jana Dowell from Ellis Grove, Illinois:
"I believe that our rights to ANYTHING are coming to an end.  We have a few rights as a smoker???  Most of the time I agree with Mike Smythe but that just stopped...when are we going to have enough (of) our government?  Don't they understand they work for us?  They are not supposed to be against us!!!  We all need to stand up for ourselves or we will not have (any) rights anymore!!!"

Steve Svehla from Drybone, Missouri:
"I try to keep an open mind and listen to everyone's point of view.  But it is obvious that Mike Smythe doesn't.  Listening to him (regarding) the Illinois smoking laws (1/6/08-Illinois Smoking Law) proves's one (he) should follow...the Miranda rights...(he has) the right to remain silent..."

Heartland viewer Mickey Brown:
"I usually agree with (Mike Smythe) but unless he is into communism I think he should rethink his position on the (smoking) matter...maybe we should not be allowed to drive within fifteen feet of a sidewalk, this is also dangerous.  You may walk into a car's path, after all, vehicle accidents are proven killers."

Theresa Jarvis from Sikeston, Missouri:
"I would like to know why more is not done to go after ‘Deadbeat Dads'.  I am the mom of three whose father is over $5,000 behind.  He has moved to another state and goes from job to job.  When I call Child Support Enforcement they say there is nothing they can do...there has to be more that can be done to help moms like me and go after dads like him."

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