Nigerian Puppy Scam

Nigerian Puppy Scam
By:  Wes Wallace

CAPE GIRARDEAU Mo., - It's a new twist on an old scam hitting the Heartland.  We've told you several times about bogus Nigerian emails and checks, but this one involves puppies.
Debbie Balsman searched online for a Yorkie puppy, and found a listing for one in Dexter, Missouri. 
"I emailed the woman in Dexter, and then got a reply from a man in Nigeria," said Balsman, "I was like 'oh my God', who in their right mind would ship a dog from Nigeria!"
In the email, the man claims to work for the World Health Organization in Lagos, Nigeria.  He says he travels and isn't home enough to take care of his dogs, and wants to sell the pets.
"It's very convincing.  They really make it sound like it's legitimate and they're looking for a good home for their dogs," Balsman said.
Balsman knew the offer of $300 for two Yorkies was too good to be true, so she declined the man's offer.
After talking with the Missouri Attorney General and looking online for Nigerian puppy scams, I learned the email is a variation of several stories asking for money for pets.  In fact the World Health Organization in Nigeria has a scam warning on its Web site.