Residents Shocked After Huge Tax Increase

Residents Shocked After Huge Tax Increase
By: Holly Brantley

EAST CAPE, Ill. - Trudy Peeler has lived in her East Cape Girardeau home since 1979.  She knows paying property taxes is part of owning a home.
"I almost had a heart attack," said Peeler. "I could not believe they doubled."
She says the assessment might not be out of line in other parts of the Heartland, but she says, not in Alexander County.
"If I had this home, or a mansion in Cape I would expect to pay this," said Peeler. "But I'm living in southern Illinois."
So why is this year's total tax bill nearly $2600, compared to around $1200 last year?
Peeler put that question to the County Assessor in Cairo. "I've gone there three times," said Peeler. "I get no answers."
We tried to contact the assessor but we were told she was working out of the office.  Peeler says the assessor told her that dealing with these  kind of increases is the worst part of her job.
"I said, I can't pay that much money," said Peeler. "It was a nightmare!"
Peeler filed a protest to the assessment.  She says it was reviewed but nothing changed.  Others who live in the East Cape neighborhood say they want to know what their taxes are paying for.
"We have no police, no fire except volunteers.  We have no sidewalks, no library," said Peeler.
Peeler says she may end up moving.  Overall, residents tell Heartland News, they'd just like an explanation.