Mayor Wants Litter Bugs to go to Jail

Mayor Wants Litter Bugs to go to Jail
By: Crystal Britt

SIKESTON, Mo. - We all know littering is illegal, but the mayor in one local town is so sick of the trash, he wants police to throw offenders in jail.
Sikeston may not have more litter than any other town, but the mayor says something's gotta be done.
"It drives me crazy."  Every mayor has frustrations.  "It just aggravates me."
But sights like empty bottles and fast food wrappers really get on mayor Mike Marshall's nerves.
"I was driving down the street, and someone rolled their window down, and throwed a hamburger sack and soda out the window," he said.
That's the story he told at this week's city council meeting.
He's pretty upset about the trash all over town and wants officers to go after litter bugs.
"We want to enforce these laws and write some tickets.  And if possible, I want to throw these people in jail," Marshall said.
You might think that's a little harsh, but some locals like it.
"I think it's a good idea.  I think we needed it a long time ago," said Romona Masters of Sikeston.
"Sometimes people throw things in the street, and it's dangerous," said Alma Bechtold of Sikeston.
"I have seen people throw out their litter. I've had to go out in my front yard and pick it up. Every day, in fact," Masters said.

"Why they can't wait until they get home and throw it in their trash can at home. They don't throw trash out in their yard.  At least I assume they don't. And, if they do, we're gonna arrest them for that too," Marshall said.

The Sikeston Board of Public Safety says they are stepping up on patrols and being more aggressive.  But, will you get arrested for throwing that fast food bag out your car window?  Probably not, but if you do get caught you will get a ticket and be fined.  For more serious littering like dumping of hazardous material, a jail cell might be waiting for you.