Death Penalty Waived for Krajcir in Witte Murder

Death Penalty Waived for Krajcir in Witte Murder
By: Heartland News

MARION, Ill. - Williamson County State's Attorney Charles Garnati waived the death penalty for confessed serial killer Timothy Krajcir in the 1978 death of Virginia Witte.

He's quickly becoming one of our nation's most notorious serial killers.  Timothy Krajcir is now connected to the murders of eight local women.

Wednesday afternoon, Williamson County prosecutors took the first steps in bringing him to justice for a brutal killing in Marion nearly 30 years ago.

Reporter Arnold Wyrick saw Krajcir's facial expressions throughout his first appearance on murder and rape charges of 51-year-old Virginia Witte.  He said Krajcir sat throughout the court proceeding and showed no emotion as the judge read off the charges against him.

Police say Krajcir broke into Witte's home in Marion back on May 12, 1978.

Once inside Krajcir is accused of strangling and raping Virgina Witte, then slashing her with a knife.  But for investigators working the case, the thought of dealing with a serial killer is still upsetting.

"It's a very rare occurrence to actually say that a serial killer is in your area. Nobody wants to believe that that kind of thing can happen in their small town."

A public defender was appointed to Krajcir for his defense. He's due back in court next Friday afternoon.