Storms Hit Stoddard County

Storms Hit Stoddard County
By: Holly Brantley

STODDARD COUNTY, Mo. - Friends, neighbors, and first responders help the Griffin family salvage furniture and belongings.
Tuesday's storms ripped the roof off their home.
"It's not fit to live in now," said Bob Griffin. "We'll be alright."
As fierce wind and heavy rain rolled through, Bob said he watched from the window.  His wife Jackie slept through the storm.
"We don't have a scratch on us," said Bob.
"I was coming down highway 60," said Debbie Rofkhar. "My sister called and said she was looking at my damage.  She told me the storm didn't touch our trailer.  I was very happy!"
While the wind uprooted two of the Rofkhar's trees, the storms spared their home and Eddie Rofkhar's Harley Davidson.
John Prance of Stoddard County Emergency Management said there were no injuries.
According to Prance, nearly 700 lost power for a short while, but it was fully restored by Tuesday evening.