New Lead in Double Murder Cold Case

New Lead in Double Murder Cold Case
By: Kathy Sweeney

SIKESTON, Mo. - From one in a million, to 300.
Local investigators now have a surprising new lead in the 1998 unsolved murders of Sherri Ann Scherer and her daughter Megan.
The mother and daughter were found shot to death at their Portageville home.
Now, investigators have a list of 300 names they hope will lead them to their killer.
"It's very possible," said New Madrid County Sheriff Terry Stevens. "Hopefully, this will lead us to our suspect."
Here's how investigators got their list.  You may remember two years ago, DNA linked the Scherer killings to a 1990 unsolved murder in Greenville, South Carolina.  Using a computer program, analysts tracked down the names of everyone who lived within 100 miles of the Greenville crime scene in 1990. 
Since investigators have already connected the Scherer murders to a shooting the same night in Dyersburg, Tennessee, the same analysts marked a spot between Portageville and Dyersburg and then tracked down the names of everyone who lived within 75 miles of that spot in 1998.  A cross reference of both lists of names came up with this new lead list of 300. 
Federal, state, county, and local investigators are all joining forces to start tracking down the names on the list. 
"We don't think they're a murderer just because they're on the list," Sergeant Phil Gregory of the Missouri Highway Patrol said.  But, Gregory hopes everyone on the list will cooperate and want to help solve both the Portageville and Greenville crimes.