Homemade Hand Scrub: Does it Work?

Homemade Hand Scrub: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

Not only does winter time drop the occasional snowflake in the Heartland, but also the chafing winds that can chap our hands.  So, can a homeade hand scrub truly exfoliate your dry skin?  It's made from ingredients many of us already have in our kitchen. So, let's hope it works!
For this week's test, I head to the kitchen at the Cape Girardeau Senior Center.  I know a group of hard-working women who spend a good part of their morning scrubbing pots and pans in hot, scalding water often containing bleach.
"It makes your hands very dry!" says cook Gennie Daughtry.
Both Gennie Daughtry and Ethel Stewart have dry skin visible on their hands.  So, can something they can whip up in their own kitchen cure their problem?  Let's see.

Here are the ingredients for our Homeade Hand Scrub.

1/2 cup Honey

1/2 cup Lemon Juice

1 cup Walnut or Sunflower Oil you find in the baking aisle of most local grocery stores.

1 pkg Slivered Almonds

First, you combine the lemon juice and honey in a large mixing bowl.  Next, pour in the oil.  I chose sunflower oil I found right in the baking aisle at Schnucks in Cape Girardeau.

Finally, toss in a whole pkg. of slivered almonds. Senior Center Director Susan McClanahan and I think the almonds will be the "exfoliating factor" in this home-ade scrub.

For the last step, we mix it all in a food processor for about 3 minutes.

"We're like a mad scientist," Susan laughs as we watch our liquid concoction turn to a thick paste.
Time to take this to our dishwashers, Gennie and Ethel.
"Almonds, really?" they both question. It is hard to believe there's almonds in this cream-colored scrub, but then when you feel it, you know the "gritty" texture should rub off any dry skin.

Really, this scrub looks like something you'd buy at a spa or store.  And boy, it gets the attention of the ktichen staff.  Several come over and start rubbing the mixture onto their hands. "Oh my goodness, yes!" says Ethel, rubbing her hands together.

It's getting rave reviews so far.  After rubbing the scrub on for about 3 minutes, it's now time to rinse.
"Oooh! Look at your hand--look at her hand! Golly, they feel so much better!" says Gennie.
"Feel my hands!" says Ethel.
Sure enough, this homeade remedy did polish up some great results.  Not only do our testers hands look better, they also feel much better.  We're seeing some very smooth results here.
"It's great because you have the ingredients in your kitchen.  You don't have to go looking for them all over town, and it's economical.  I think it's great.  I'd give it an A," says Susan.
Our testers agree.  The staff says they're going to put this hand scrub in a pretty container and keep it on-hand.  This recipe makes a lot of scrub, and with start-up costs of about ten dollars. Hands down, this home remedy scrubs up an A plus on this Does it Work test!

Click here for a printable recipe for the homemade hand scrub.