Sparta Doctor Faces Criminal Charges

Sparta Doctor Faces Criminal Charges
By: Arnold Wyrick

SPARTA, Ill. - The Randolph County State's Attorney's office investigates a southern Illinois doctor after a female employee at the Sparta Community Hospital claims that Dr. Frantz Charles sexually assaulted her.
The allegations stem from an incident that allegedly happened at the hospital on the morning of December 29th.  The Sparta Police Department arrested Dr. Charles a couple of days later, and he posted a $1000 bond.
But, now some folks in the community want to see the doctor fired if he's found guilty.
"Well I think they should fire him.  It's pretty sick that somebody's doing that.  That is in the health industry and that you place your well-being in their hands," said Joyce Wagoner of Sparta.
The CEO of the hospital, Joann Empe, issued this statement, "Dr. Frantz Charles, General Surgeon at Sparta Community Hospital has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation."
"Well I guess on allegations such as that, that would be the only thing you could do right off the bat," said Dana Weber of Sparta.
Dr. Frantz Charles began working at the Sparta Community Hospital in June 2003.  But, now he faces criminal charges of Sexual Abuse, Unlawful Restraint and Misdemeanor Battery.
Some of his patients were shocked to hear that their doctor was charged with any wrongdoing.
"He's always been really nice.  he's been good to my kids.  So I really don't have anything bad to say about him.  But, I was shocked to hear that someone is claiming he did those things to them," said Sissy Heller of Sparta.
Charles is scheduled to be in a Randolph County courtroom on January 31st to make a first appearance on the criminal charges.