Truck Crashes Through Heartland Woman's House

Truck Crashes Through Heartland Woman's House
By: Wes Wallace

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - It was a rude awakening for a Poplar Bluff woman.  Jennifer Plunkett was sleeping in her bed Friday morning when a Ford pickup rolled right into her bedroom!
Jennifer says police tell her the truck was in neutral and a gust of wind sent it down a hill behind her house.
She says she first thought the house exploded, but soon realized what happened when she saw the truck where her bed used to be.
"They asked me if my vehicle was drivable.  I said I wasn't in a vehicle. They said 'you're listed as a vehicle accident.  I told them I was hit in my bedroom with a truck with no driver," Jennifer said.  She is still in some pain, and her doctors say she might have a torn rotator cuff.