YourTurn - 1/7/08

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Eric D. Dixon from Clayton:
"Natural disasters and terrible weather inevitably lead to warnings about price gouging. But high prices during emergencies are simply a measurement of supply and demand. If prices aren't allowed to rise, people who don't really need scarce goods tend to buy more than they should, and businesses tend to produce less than they should, leading to shortages."

Lamar Renfro from Steele:
"Our country is being sold out to special interest groups.  It seems that everyone that elects a politician to office wants him to bring something home to his district...our national debt is growing (and) our country cannot sustain people want national health care while social security is going broke...what good is health care if there is no country to back it?"

Heartland viewer Sharon Ward:
"I love watching Mike Smythe's ViewPoint.  I can't understand why (our government) is sending money to other countries when we have our own children dying everyday from starvation because their parents can't find a decent job to pay for living expenses.  I can't get a good job because of my health and have been trying to receive disability for three years with no luck."

Lawrence Aeschlimann from Cape Girardeau:
"There are three common misconceptions:  All students want to learn; all people who want a job want to work; and criminals stopped or arrested by police will be cooperative and non-violent if the police approach them in a friendly (respectful) manner."

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