10-Year-Old Boy Saves Mom From Fire

10-Year-Old Boy Saves Mom From Fire
By: Crystal Britt
BLOOMFIELD, Mo. - Nearly 21 years of memories in David and Debbie Griffin's home...all lost in a matter of moments.
As 10-year-old Shawn looks through what remains of his soot covered bedroom he's sad, but knows all those material possessions can be replaced.  All perspective, now after learning early Sunday morning how quickly he could have lost his mother.
"I could smell this awful smell, and my mom woke up.  She opened the door and smoke just rolled in," said Shawn. 
Shawn and his mom Debbie were the only ones at home.  They headed for the bedroom window.  Shawn went first, then Debbie began to struggle.
"I couldn't get my legs up through the window.  Then he grabbed a chair (from the porch), and I said, okay pull it up there.  I leaned forward in the window and put my hands in the chair.  He pulled and I'd move.  He'd pull again, then as I was holding on he could pull me out.  I know he saved my life, I couldn't have got out of that room without him," said Debbie Griffin, Shawn's mom. 
Shawn credits his Tae Kwon Do training for helping him stay calm.
"Probably in the self control and discipline," said Shawn.
He says he never really thought twice.  When asked what he thought about people calling him a hero, Shawn said, "I don't know, I don't really think I am."
He's humble, and grateful. "It's been bad and good.  I never knew people could really be this nice when this happens."

Debbie Griffin's thankful for the brave son she and her husband raised.  "I'm busting with pride for that boy," she said.

The family wants people to know they're doing just fine.  David Griffin tells Heartland News insurance should cover the losses.