Jelly Sticky Pad: Does it Work?

Jelly Sticky Pad: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

From time to time, we get in a hurry, and we probably all have placed our cell phones or sunglasses on our car's dashboards.  Then when we hit a curve or come to an abrupt stop, our gadgets go flying.  Well, worry no more. If the Jelly Sticky Pad actually works, you don't have to make room in your car's cupholder or cubbyhole for your phone and shades.  Just throw 'em on top of the sticky pad.
First, I place the sticky pad on the dash of one of our news cars.  I take a curve at about 15 mph and...
"Not bad!  The sunglasses and the cell phone didn't even budge!" I say.
Next, I make some crazy figure 8's in the empty lot---not breaking any laws----and I gotta tell you....the phone and glasses didn't even move, but I'm not done yet.
"Ok, I'm going to accelerate, of course, within following the law.  Now, I'm going to stop!"
I slam on the brakes and...
"Whoa! That threw me and our camera back, but not the glasses and the phone!" I shout.
Ok, so you're thinking this sticky pad's gonna ace the Does it Work test, right?
Well, a closer look at the directions shows: you need to occasionally clean this pad to free it from dust and debris.  That makes me wonder how long it will actually stick to your car's dashboard.
Speaking of that, there's also a warning about discoloration.  It says you should move the pad's location from time to time, because it's UV-resistant.  So, while the rest of your dashboard's upholstery could fade over time, the part under this pad might not...leaving your car a bit unmatched.
That concerns me a bit.  Still, this $5 product lives up to its promise, and as long as you follow the cleaning and care directions, I think you'd like it, especially if you have a small car.
I'll stick with a B plus for the Jelly Sticky Pad on this Does it Work Wednesday test.  I bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Carbondale.