Red Cross Volunteers Lend A Helping Hand

Not long after the dangerous weather blew out of the Heartland, help began pouring in to help. Folks came with fresh food, water, clothes, and medical supplies.

Red Cross Volunteer Mary White says, "It shows we care about our fellow man, friends and community." No matter how long it took to get to Wayne County, Mary's attitude is the same all the Red Cross volunteers have. Some came to Fairfield from different parts of Southern Illinois, other volunteers call it their home. "It's just devastating to me because I've known these folks for a long time, " Mary says. "It's unreal what it's done to their lives, it's just disrupted everything around here."

Red Cross trailers are now permanent sites in Wayne County since the tornado ripped through, and the volunteers who are helping, don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Volunteer Ruthie White says, "I just see people dropping everything they have and not thinking twice about going to work and helping their friends regroup."

No matter what it takes, everything from getting sodas and food, to cleaning up everything that's been left behind --volunteers say they won't stop until things are back to the way they were. "It's pretty shocking to see everything in a matter of seconds be destroyed, but it can rebuild," Ruthie says.

So you may be wondering what you can do. There are ways you can lend a helping hand no matter where you are in the Heartland. You can find a list by clicking here.