YourTurn - 12/31/07

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Tjay Haynes from Sikeston:
"It's the 20th century and we have heated seats in our cars, mirrors, and even our wipers...but we can't even figure out how to keep ice off our roads.  We waste millions of taxpayers' money on salt...eventually eating at them and we need new ones two to five years later.  People heat their homes with heated concrete...why can't we do our roads in the same fashion?"

David Phillips from Murphysboro:
"(Mike Smythe) did an excellent report on credit cards (12/16/07-Credit Card Rates).  I am a victim of exactly what he (said). I transferred high interest balances from three other cards...the card was turned over or sold and my rate was raised to 27.99%.  This company should be referred to as the ‘Arm and Leg Loan Company'.  Payday cash loans are even charging this much."

Chris Barkett from Metropolis:
"I enjoy listening to Mike Smythe's ViewPoints because I agree with him about 90% (of the time).  Regarding cyber bullying (12/9/07-Cyber Bullying), I just cannot see how someone could be brought to the point of suicide simply because of someone who was harassing them through instant messaging or email...I am not condoning these cowardly acts with the 13 year old girl who took her life...and agree they should not go unpunished.  I propose a quick and easy solution for everyone who has been a victim of cyber bullying: Turn off the computer, go outside. It's not hard to do."

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