Investigators Try to Determine Cause of Courthouse Fire

Investigators Try to Determine Cause of Courthouse Fire
By: Heartland News

CARLISLE COUNTY, Ky. - Carlisle County leaders are finding new places to set up shop after their offices burned at the courthouse Wednesday morning.
At the same time, fire marshall investigators are trying to determine how the fire started.
Others have their own suspicions.
"Anytime I presume something like the courthouse in this county burning, people are going to ask questions of how it could have burnt and why and so like I said we sent our arson investigator down here to try to look into it and try to determine what the reason was," said Sgt. Joey Adams with the Kentucky State Police.
"We've got three or four high profile cases going on at this point in time. I think there was motive out there somewhere for someone to do this," said Carlisle County Sheriff Steve McChristian. 
For now, offices are going into an old law office and a former car dealership.