Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas

Random Acts of Kindness for Christmas
By: Holly Brantley

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Workers at the Missouri Veterans Home in Cape Girardeau express their thanks to La Croix Church members for remembering them on Christmas.
Meg Alberternst and Chad Johnson delivered Buffalo Wild Wings to each and every person at the facility who worked during the holiday.
"It means a lot because I could be home with my children," said Candy Harris. "I enjoy being here though."
"I do it because it brings good cheer to people knowing you think about them and care about them on Christmas," said Johnson.
Alberternst says the smiles on workers' faces make it more than worthwhile to give up part of her holiday.  "It just lets me know what I've come to do has been accomplished," she said.
It all started at Buffalo Wild Wings where church members and volunteers met to pick up the food.  More than 200 volunteers took part in what the church calls a random act of kindness.
"They take a bag of wings to locations all over the community," said Daniel Taylor of La Croix Church.
Buffalo Wild Wings donates more than 3500 wings.  The wings are boxed up and distributed to teams who set out to deliver the food to more than 800 people at about 60 locations.
"Those include gas stations, theaters, video stores, hospitals," said Taylor. "Anybody who's working on Christmas.  We want to serve them."
To La Croix Church members, it's a small sacrifice for people who spend their holiday serving the community.
"It's special," said Harris. "It means a lot to me."