Heartland Shows Victims of Gift Theft Meaning of Christmas

Heartland Shows Victims of Gift Theft Meaning of Christmas
By: Carly O'Keefe

MURPHYSBORO, Ill. - Murphysboro Police Sergeant Brian Brewer said of all the calls he responded to on Christmas Day, none saddened him more than the theft of a Cape Girardeau toddler's Christmas gifts.
Three-year-old Layton Mill's parents parked outside the Murphysboro Huck's Convenience Store and planned to make a quick trip inside.  But when they came back out, someone had stolen the child's Christmas gifts right out of the parked truck.
"It's supposed to be the season of giving and celebrating the birth of Christ and then you get somebody who wants to fowl it up for a family.  That's just heartbreaking," said Brewer.
A day later, Murphysboro police were not only taking calls from people who needed help, but dispatchers also took several calls from people who wanted to help.
"We've had a lot of calls of people wanting to contribute to help the toddler in this case," said Brewer.
Folks have also gone to the scene of the crime to rescue Christmas for one little boy.
"People have come and talked to me about if they could donate toys here, and I said I'd have to ask my boss, but we might do that," said Huck's employee Heidi Libbert.
Libbert was working at the time of the theft Tuesday.  According to Libbert, throughout the day Wednesday customers commented on the little boy's gifts and the Grinch who stole them.
"It touched a lot of people, because it's just not right," said Libbert.
"I'm very impressed with the response.  It does your heart good to know there are people willing to help others and that's basically the spirit of Christmas," said Brewer.
Murphysboro police continue to investigate and say you can also help with information.  If you think you know who may have stolen the gifts, contact the Murphysboro Police Department.