Family Stranded Because of Big Sky Cancellation

Family Stranded Because of Big Sky Cancelation
By: Ryan Tate

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. -- Barbara Edwards was happy to spend a week with her brother, niece and nephew.  Now, she wants to go home.

Big Sky Airlines canceled her flight from Cape Girardeau to Cincinnati Sunday, prolonging her stay in Thebes, Illinois with her brother's family.
"The only thing good about the trip is seeing my family," Edwards said.
Edwards lives in Arizona, and currently has a son in the hospital undergoing surgery.
"He keeps calling and asking if I am on the plane yet," Edwards said. "I keep telling him no."
"It has me totally stressed out," John Paulson said. Paulson is Edwards' brother. "I am trying to get her back to see her son."
Big Sky Airlines leaders announced December 20th they would discontinue service out of the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport because of huge financial losses.  The airline offered service from Cape Girardeau to Cincinnati for just over one month.
"I am not going to fly again," Edwards said.