Sunbeam Rocket Grill: Does it Work?

Sunbeam Rocket Grill: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith
The new Sunbeam Rocket Grill promises it can cook steaks in 8 minutes or less and requires virtually no clean-up, unlike its competitor, the George Foreman grill.  So, could this new $100 grill have you cooking in the kitchen in no time? I know the perfect grill to help us find out.
By day, Tom Brandtner delivers goodies for his daughter's business, Edible Arrangments. By dinner time, Tom's often at the grill, even in the winter.
"I go out in the winter, even if it's cold, if we need to grill," says Tom.
So, if this Sunbeam Rocket Grill launches a passing grade, Tom may just grill inside this winter.
"That is quick, but I don't know how this machine works," he says.
Let's see. First, you select the cooking time by looking at the grill's guide. It says it will take about 7 minutes to cook this filet to medium. There's also a special drawer on the grill, where you can keep the guide, so it doesn't get lost. Next, you place one or two flanks into the pouch and drop it in the Rocket.
"Smells pretty good," says Tom.
We can tell it's cookin' by the steam coming out the top, but let's see how the filet tastes.
Ding! The Rocket's timer sounds off.
"It looks medium. It is juicy, and it tastes pretty good," says Tom.
Both Tom and I are a bit surprised. We thought maybe this grill would char the meat, but instead it really does look like it came off a barbecue grill.
"You don't have the charcoal effect, but with the right seasonings, I think it does a pretty good job," says Tom.
So, let's try some hot dogs now.
"It does have a little grill taste to it," says Tom.
The Rocket also claims it can grill up fruit.  We tried some pineapple sans the Edible Arrangments' signature chocolate.
"It worked well," says Tom.
Yes, but Tom makes this point.
"The advantage is: it's easy and quick. It's done in no time at all, whether rare or done. The disadvantage--where do you store it? It takes up space and I wonder about the availability of the parchment bags. You need those to cook with this grill," says Tom.
True.  The grill comes with 2 dozen or so parchment pouches, and you can buy more in stores like Wal-mart and Bed, Bath and Beyond.
I've decided our final grade might come down to a battle of the sexes here. For me..and the female employees at Edible Arrangements, we love not having to clean up after cooking. However, for Tom, and probably most other guys, having to eventually buy more bags is a lot to chew on---not to mention the $100 price tag.
"Knowing the price, I kept it at a 'B'," says Tom.
After sampling all these foods again, I gotta bump it up to a "B+" which leaves the Sunbeam Rocket Grill tasting very good itself on this Does it Work test.   Also, I did notice this grill sold for half-price the week before Christmas which leaves a really good taste in my mouth!