Ten Year Old Violin Prodigy

Ten Year Old Violin Prodigy
By: Holly Brantley

MARION, Ill. - He's a little boy with a big talent.  Ten-year-old Spencer Sharp's mom says her son is regular boy with a gift for music.  Spencer is a violin prodigy.
"I got my first violin when I was five," said Spencer. "It's really fun."
"When he was two, he listened to classical music and he had an incredible ear.  He could pick out things a two year old shouldn't hear," said Lynette Sharp, Spencer's mom. "I knew he was way beyond his years and I had to get him into music."
They chose the violin because it was an instrument that came in different sizes.  With confidence and poise, Spencer's played for huge crowds and won numerous talent competitions.
"I've never gotten stage fright, ever," said Spencer.
"He doesn't care if there's four people or four hundred," said Lynette. "He just wants to play. Pieces it should take him four months to learn he learns in three weeks."
Spencer commutes to Ohio to study with a member of the Cincinnati Symphony. In the meantime, home schooling allows him to practice for two hours a day.
When the music is put away Spencer is just like any other ten year old.
"I like to play and I like sports," said Spencer.
"He'll finish two hours of practice and he goes to play," said Lynette. "He's a normal boy with a lot of gifts."
Spencer uses a half size violin now.  He says he wants to be a concert violinist, and then a brain surgeon.
You can hear more of Spencer's music during the Heartland Holiday performance.